Ahnapee Brewery

Set in a building, part siding and part corrugated metal, one that defines a craft brewer’s humble beginnings, you’ll find a highway stop brewing company.  This place,  home of a well established local beer maker, is an extension, and a production increasing expansion, of Ahnapee Brewery.

You’ll find this spot, if you pull off Highway 41, in Suamico, Wisconsin.  It sports four great year round brews, and, better yet, offering tasty variety, one can try seven excellent seasonal concoctions.   With those seasonal choices, you’ll find an 1800’s recipe, one paying homage to the original Ahnapee Brewery, which was located in Algoma,  Wisconsin – a town originally known as Ahnapee, Wisconsin.

Here, in this taproom, being that the current Ahnapee Brewery, which was founded in 2013, has an Algoma location also,

you can just kick back and relax.  Or, you could opt for the patio…

or beer garden, whatever you want to call it.

Occasionally, you’ll find a food truck serving  delectable grub.  And, once in awhile, a band will liven the grounds.

After I downed my fruity beer, I was totally satisfied with my visit. If you’re looking for a unique place, I don’t know if this fits the bill. Yet, the trendy atmosphere, combined with some seriously good beer, might be enough to lure you to this establishment.

Safe Travels!

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