The Wharf in Manitowoc

When visiting Manitowoc, Wisconsin, you’ll find plenty of tourism draws.  From museums to boat rides, and nearby scenic state lands to fashionable microbreweries, you’ll find fun endeavors throughout this historic shipbuilding town.  And adding flavor to your visit, situated on an excellent waterfront, one near the mouth of the Manitowoc River, you’ll find a very trendy bar and eatery.  It’s a spot with an apt title: the Wharf.

This place, being very strategically positioned, is right across from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum – if you’re looking over the river. 

With such a prime locale, you’ll find a cool vantage of a WWII submarine,

or, if you’re in the right seat, you’ll get a cool view of a Lake Michigan lighthouse.

Not to mention, the garage door paneled indoor bar just oozes style.

And the beers, and a ton of other beverages, are reasonably priced…

oh, wait, the same can be said for the Wharf’s food.  You simply order at a window, they’ll buzz your table and you can pick it up at the window next door. 

We had pizza; it hit the spot.

Of course, if you feel a bit competitive, you could try cornhole in the beer garden.

And there’s a ginormous stage, one situated outdoors, allowing a festive vibe to liven visitors.

After our visit, when it comes to waterfront eateries, the Wharf may be my favorite riverside hangout – no matter what city you mention.  The atmosphere is cool, the view is superb, the service was satisfactory and the prices are reasonable.

Safe Travels!

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