Craft Creek Brewing Co.

In Manitowoc’s downtown, stashed on a quiet side street, you’ll find an old-time brick storefront. There, harkening to the town’s once burgeoning Victorian commerce, lies a combination of modern artistic decor and true old fashioned charm. And cutting to my point; Craft Creek Brewing Co, the brewery taking residence in this trendy setting, will satisfy your ale seeking tastebuds.

When we traipsed into the artiscally styled taproom, with my only gripe being Craft Creek’s ceiling tiles, its creativity sparked some anticipation. I had hoped the innovation on display, allowing for a fresh atmosphere, would spill over to Craft Creek’s brews.

And with flights available,

the beer flowing from twelve stainless steel taps,

I longed to sample its brand spanking new beers.

We learned quickly, after our brief conversation with the bartender, that this microbrewery opened recently – just this spring as a matter of a fact.

Unfortunately, that showed up when I gazed upon the fledgling beer garden. It’s not horrible, yet, it’s simply picnic tables on asphalt.

But back to the beers: the main reason for dropping by. They were very good, and the prices registered on the lower end of craft beer rates. Our flight, four four ounce glasses, came to twelve dollars – regardless of our choices.

We tried a Belgium whitbier, a citra IPA, an amber and a berliner wiesse sour. The whitbier was excellent for what it was, the sour was delicious, the amber was decent and the citra IPA was certainly worth the money.

When we settled up, I’d say, if you’re like me, a craft brewery hunter, you’ll definitely appreciate this little spot. It certainly set the tone for our time in Manitowoc.

Safe Travels!

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