The Trout Museum of Art’s Contemporary Exhibit

Located in Appleton’s downtown, with its fashionable entrance right along College Ave, you’ll find the Trout Museum of Art. Here, one of my favorite events, the TMA Contemporary exhibition, will stimulate your visual senses.

At this moment, until August 14th, the TMA shelters works created by 114 Wisconsin artists. And if you so choose, if you happen to be an affluent human, you could purchase your favorite piece.

I inquired about one work of art. It happened to be a car door, one boasting a distorted scene; it appeared as if trees and water were reflecting off the panel. The painting actually replicated the shapes the door’s contours would create….MIND BLOWN!

I would love to have that chunk of metal. Unfortunately, the only way I could justify a $6,000 purchase, and I’m not a good negotiator, would be if the rest of the vehicle was included.

Anyways, beyond the car door, there were a ton of exhibits to peruse.

I discovered steel sculptures,

sculptures incorporating ash wood- ash trees are being wiped out by an invasive species-

cool ceramic pieces

and some works using the most prosaic items.

Of course, apart from sculptures, you’ll find interesting photography outputs….

did I mention interesting photography?

Also, along with that, there’s dazzling acrylic and fabric panels.

How about oil on an acrylic panel?

As you can tell, if you simply examine my photos, there’s a lot I haven’t mentioned; this contemporary exhibit boasts a ton of media- and every bit is quality art. So, if you’re in the area, and are searching for entertaining ways to pass your time, check out the TMA Contemporary Exibition.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “The Trout Museum of Art’s Contemporary Exhibit”

  1. Very interesting! And that car door piece plays tricks with your mind! Some pieces (like the bright acrylic and fabric panels) I like better than others. Thanks for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

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