Great Breweries in Green Bay

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, aka Titletown USA, there are plenty of beer factories to seek out.  Yes, I’m talking about microbreweries.  In this post, hopefully, I’ll sell some of my favorites to you; I’ve become a regular brewery scout these past few years.  So, not claiming to be an expert, I’ll highlight what I like about my top five.

I’m not going to list these in order; that’s  because I like all five – and for different reasons.  So, I’ll give you a short rundown, that way, you know what to expect when visiting.

Titletown Brewing Co.

Founded in 1996, corresponding with a Packer Super Bowl run, Titletown Brewing Company was one of the first microbreweries in Green Bay.

Some of their permanent brews, such as Johnny Blood and Green 19, are staples in many Green Bay supermarkets.  But, if you want them fresh off the tap, you could visit the spacious tap room

or the rooftop bar.  The roof top offers an excellent twilight panoramic view of the city.  Actually, any time of day serves for a cool view. 

These two bars, and the brewery itself, are located in Green Bay’s downtown – set off in a portion known as the Railyard District. The building is an antiquated shell- which originally existed as a canning factory.

Badger State Brewing Company

Located near Lambeau Field, Badger State creates some pretty darn good beers, such as On Wisconsin and Brew-Ski. What’s great about this place, and there is no need to embellish, is its beer garden. The large, fence bordered area feels like a festive backyard.

It’s the best in Green Bay.  Its taproom is also fairly cool.

Zambaldi Beer

Of my choices, Zambaldi Beer is the youngest spot, opening just before the pandemic. This microbrewery offers beers like Yard Games IPA and Meatball Man Amber.  It somehow survived the mandated shutdown, and its large taproom, plus an adequate patio, is a trendy place to just chill. Its located on revitalized Webster Ave, a few blocks from Green Bay’s hospitals.

Copper State Brewing Co.

My next place literally resides across the street from Titletown Brewing Company; It’s known as Copper State Brewing Company. It was named after northern Wisconsin’s copper mines and has excellent beers.  Of your choices, Good ‘n’ Ruddy and Pomegranate Pucker are two solid options.

Plus, as I had mentioned labor intensive mining operations, its throwback taproom, alluding to grit and hard work, has that true nineteeth century industrial feel

– the building being an old meat processing plant. 

As an added bonus, Copper State also serves as a coffee shop.

I can’t forget, Copper State offers a full food menu.

Finishing off this spot right, Its beer garden carries on that same elemental, no glitz vibe.

Stillmank Brewing Company

Finally, as I’ve reached my last selection, Stillmank Brewing Company is situated in a fairly odd spot- being near Green Bay’s residential east side. Yet, with beers like Killer Bees and Guava Juice, the taproom provides a fashionable oasis.

And at Stillmank, you can drink right in the brewery.

Or hang out on the small, hip patio.

So, that’s it. I know, I’ve omitted a ton of info. I’d tell you how many taps each spot offers, yet all of these places boast plenty of options. And I’m quite confident, actually I know, you’ll find a beer to suit your palate.

Also, don’t let this post discourage you from trying other spots. Places like Hinterland and Noble Roots are also quality breweries. I just like my chosen five a bit better – whether it be for beer selection or price. Happy sipping and…

Safe Travels!


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