‘Sound’ at the Neville

Have you heard what’s new at the Neville Public Museum? You haven’t? Well, this post is dedicated to sound that trumpet.  Yes, sound is in italics for a reason.  “Why?” You may ask.  Mainly,  because I’m featuring a  harmonious symphony of info and exhibits. To be more precise, a feature on sound is awaiting a curious visitor.

This temporary exhibition is simply known as ‘Sound’, and it’s on display until November 6th- at least that’s what the museum website says.

Here, in this small exhibit, you’ll learn all about the miracle of noise.  You could try a few interactive displays; they’re perfect for discovering the science behind clamor, and kids will love them.   Whether acoustics


or vibrations,

these exhibits accurately get their point across.

But the fun, entertaining, and  informative bits don’t stop there,

You’ll also learn about man’s own way to produce sound; I’m talking about speech.  Not to mention, you’ll learn how we catch that useful verbiage.

Of course, for many, hearing is difficult.  So, through the course of history, many have devised tools for the hearing impaired.

But on to other exhibits; I’ll transition to the technological aspect.   There’s a ton about man’s ability to harness sound for exchanging information,

entertaining at home,

and artistically expressing oneself.

Added to that, you’ll find this fun, interactive musical exhibit.

I overheard someone playing twinkle, twinkle little star on this thing.

All the promotional sounding jargon aside, this exhibit was fun.  And the progression, as you circle the room, reading bits of info, is in a logical order.  The interactive exhibits might not be ultra-eye appealing, but most are pretty interesting-and they do demonstrate their points well.  Although I saw reasons behind the technology portion, I felt that it wasn’t quite as interesting- when compared to the sound demonstrations.  Anyways, if you want to relearn how sound functions, or if you have a curious child, this is actually a great museum feature.

Safe Travels!

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    • Thanks, Betty. Yes, this exhibit is actually fun and informative. By the way, Touche on the word play-it certainly rang true. I hope tomorrow is a great day for you!

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