MTB Riding at the Reforestation Camp

If you’re like me, riding an intermediate MTB trail, one set in a picturesque woodland, is an excellent way to spend your time.  Or, similarly, if you’re a novice, finding an easy bike trail, a lolling path through scenic green, would simply be pleasant.  The Reforestation Camp has courses that can suit both tastes. 

The Reforestation Camp in Suamico, Wisconsin boasts more than mountain bike trails.  It also has hiking and ski paths,

ones full of critters,

plus an adventure park,

a lodge for events,

a campground,

and a well maintained zoo.

Basically, I use the Reforestation Camp for its stacked single-track trail loop.  It’s a ten mile ride featuring some tricky downhills,

passages through towering trees

and challenging uphill climbs.

Of course, if you don’t feel like venturing the full ten mile circuit, there’s a shorter seven mile course. 

Incidentally, if the single-track proves to be too tough, you could always hop on an easier intersecting double-track portion. The main double-track trail is a simple trek, being a little over two miles long.

The double-track stands alone, its only difficult portion would be a few fairly steep hill climbs.

Of course, your rides will have other features, ones I haven’t mentioned, like jumps and excellent scenery.

So, if you’re near Green Bay, and love to ride your bike, especially in the woods, check this place out.  It certainly is a combination of adventure and exercise. A yearly trail pass is thirty dollars, and a day pass is five – and they can be purchased, using cash or card, at the trailhead.

Safe Travels!

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