High Cliff State Park’s Butterfly Pond Trail

Wisconsin’s High Cliff State Park, which I believe was named after an old mining town, offers a lot of activities.  I think you know what I mean – standard state park stuff.  So, as you may have guessed, hiking in this state park is an adventurous temptation.  Obeying my own outdoor cravings, Heidi and I ventured a small, paved path yesterday.

I guess what you need to know, if you’re visiting this park, is that the Butterfly Pond Trail is made for practically anyone -from individuals confined to a wheelchair to the elderly. And it’s reasonably short. I believe, all told, we walked a little over a mile; we were no worse for wear.

Like I said, our trek was a simple one.  We meandered a path, a high traffic circuit, around a rather scenic pond.

As we watched fishers

and coursed over some bridges,

an overwhelming serenity welled inside me.

Well, I guess there was a bit of stimulus too – especially when catching sight of wildlife,


and even cooler wild roses.

This trail is an easy walk, and the landscape along this path,  a cool walkway through tamed wilderness, is quite inspiring.

We even found a stretch, a calming patch of lawn, that allowed reverence for those that came before us.

Some of the markers were so old, we couldn’t make out a single inscription.

We also found a small dirt passage, but that literally ran nowhere, so we turned back.

When we were finished, I think the trail satisfied that slight thirst for wilderness. It was by no means dangerous, but the wildlife and vegetation were abundant. And even with me snapping pictures, and literally checking everything out on the trail, we finished well under an hour. And if you’re looking for a short nature walk, that’s probably exactly what you want.

Safe Travels!

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