Anduzzi’s East

On Green Bay’s east side, situated away from the hub-bub, you’ll find an affordable oasis. It’s known as Anduzzi’s Sports Club, and it offers food, drinks and entertainment.

Today, I’m featuring Anduzzi’s east side location. There’s actually a spot on the west side also. You’ll have to excuse my photos. The lighting, I’m speaking of the indoor shots, made for some challenging shots.

Anyways, the spacious patio offers an excellent outdoor dining experience.

Indoors, amongst a hip bar,

one will discover games,

a dining spot

and another dining spot

and even another eating area.

Anduzzi’s offers an extensive drink list, plus, an excellent menu boasting reasonable prices. And live music, whether indoors or outdoors, makes for a lively time.

When we left, our nightlife needs were satiated, but there was still money left in my wallet. And I think, as a matter of fact I know, that’s what those in Green Bay care about most.

Safe Travels!

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