Riverside Hangouts

In Green Bay, there are many outdoor dining spots.  Better yet, situated downtown, there a few great places, ones that feature  fashionable settings, right along the Fox River.  Today, I’ll focus on two such eateries, which are  well established restaurants,  located along the river’s east bank.

But first, and I’m sorry that I have no clever segue, I’ll mention the Foxy Paddler.  It was docked near one of my featured spots…

So,  Basically, you can fit twenty persons on this cool watercraft.  Your own legs will thrust you through the waters; that’s because you pedal yourself during a two hour tour. It’s a cool idea for many fun events.

But anyways, I’m way off course…what?  Hey, at least I made an attempt at a segue.  Nonetheless, not more than a hundred yards from the boat, you’ll find Hagemeister Park.  This fantastic outdoor dining spot, should you be curious, was named after the site of Green Bay’s first recorded game of football.

You can sit down and soak up the downtown riverside vibe. 

Here, Hagemeister Park’s creative menu includes craft burgers plus imaginative eentres – not to mention other tasty selections.

Or, maybe you could just hang out via its hip bar. At this trendy shack, many craft beers, and a few mixers, await a thirsty patron.

Or, if the ambiance at Hagemeister Park doesn’t fit your taste, if you venture a short stroll down a refreshing path,

you’ll find this cool spot.

It’s known as Fox Harbor, and it offers a classy, hip alfresco dining chance.

There’s also a time worn sensation at its outdoor bar,

You could also chill by the grassy riverbank.

Fox Harbor’s menu is excellent.  It’s one of those spots, and I speak from experience, where one will be dying for about six or seven different selections.  And the beer, mixer and wine lists are just as good.

Well, that wraps it up.  I should also mention, as I almost forgot,  that these two restaurants offer live music during summer.  So grab a friend, head on down and enjoy the fun, casual aura of Green Bay’s riverside.

Safe Travels!

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