Hiking Trails at Potawatomi

Located near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, a picturesque forested land rests near a small Lake Michigan bay.  This spot, known as Potawatomi State Park, offers many outdoor adventures.  That includes my focus, at least during this particular post: hiking.

We started across the road from the nature center.

With that, a store, and convenient amenities, ones aiding nearby campers,  livened this wooded parcel.

We happened upon the ancient shores trail.

If you’re wondering, It’s relatively short and fairly easy.  The trail isn’t set on a waterfront, though, eons ago, it most certainly would have been. 

Now, it’s a pristine forest landscape, which is a site for moss covered rocks

and various tree species.

When we finished up, after surmising nature’s perfect imperfections,

and maybe sitting down for a breather,

or witnessing some vibrant blossoms

we hopped in the car and found the eastern Ice Age Trail trailhead. 

According to Wikipedia, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a 1,200 mile trail, one that courses through awesome terrain, within the state of Wisconsin.

At this monstrous trail’s eastern start, or end, I guess it depends on where you began, I found more plant life,

a trail I’d love to tackle with a mountain bike

and a panoramic vista.

When we finished, I could say for certain, and I might understate it, that our time was not wasted.  Besides hiking:  fishing, kayaking, biking, skiing and camping are all activities one could engage in at Potawatomi State Park.

Safe Travels!

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