Renard’s Artisan Cheese

For those that don’t live in the state, the mention of Wisconsin brings thoughts of cheese.  Okay, that’s a cheesy opening line; this dairy rich state offers a ton more, from natural beauty to fun escapades.  Yet, it’s undeniable, Wisconsin hangs its hat on curdled milk.  So, I thought I’d highlight a Door County cheese store: Renard’s Cheese.

Renard’s is located on HWY 57, a few miles south of Sturgeon Bay.

This fun shop actually sells much more than cheese, like candies and jams.

I also found buckets of ice cream.

Wait, what the Ffff…UDGE?

I’m sorry..hold on a second, actually, I’m not sure what I’m apologizing for. Could it be for an overused joke or the tasteless use of the most obscene word in the English language? Uh, and yet again, I’ll have to rethink my sentiments; fudge is quite tasteful- and you can sample some Door Count fudge here.

Or, if you’re looking for a deal, these delicious caramels were under eighty cents.

Of course, and if you don’t know, I’ll tell you, cheese curds are the most savory cheese product.

And I can’t forget the star attraction; it goes without saying…but, for the sake of integrity, I’d better mention it.  Ready?

Artisan CHEESE!  It sells for $8.99 a pound, and those glass doors are loaded with all sorts of creative flavors.

This may be a small store, but I’ve omitted a ton.  If I included everything this store features, from beer to baked goods, this post would be too lengthy.

  So….there ya go!

Safe Travels!

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