Watching the Rockers

“It’s only a game,” you may say. And you’re right…but this game, a game seemingly the entire world knows, has some serious American roots: like 180 years of roots- probably further back than that. So, a league full of college players, which would be a group of talented individuals, could provide a quintessential good ole USA night out. You may have guessed, actually I’m sure you have, I’m talking about a baseball park experience; My particular baseball outing was Northwoods League style in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Green Bay team is known as the Rockers. They’re a collection of college players, ones who attend universities across the US, assembled on one summer league team. Past Northwoods League players have made it to the Majors. So, there’s definitely talent here.

All that aside, the Rockers moniker is cool,

and, with a name like that, it inspires some fun merch.

The mascot was pretty stellar also.

I know, I look intense! I think the Rocker guy hit on my girl. Actually, I was trying to help the lady with my phone…not actually ticked.

Of course, well okay, I guess I shouldn’t say of course, yet, with a team name like the Rockers, a live band before the game, and between innings, definitely makes sense – and creates a fun, festive vibe.

In the opposite field, there’s fun stuff. Get a load of the bouncy house.

You may know this, but I’m going to say it anyways, no ballpark is complete without concessions

All of that’s great, however, there’s a game to be played

and reasons to cheer.

The action is enough to make anyone let loose.

And this ballpark, which is located on Holmgren Way, is a progressive piece of real estate.

On Saturdays, if the Rockers lose, fans in attendance receive vouchers for a game of their choice. I should also mention that there are many promotional discounts on tickets.

When the final out was made, the home team was bested. Yet, it’s not so much who wins or loses, well, okay, a winning effort certainly makes for a fun outcome, but the real delight is the ballpark experience. And, with practically a brand new venue, a Rockers game is outstanding.

Safe Travels!

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