Noble Roots Brewing Company

If one should visit the east side of Green Bay, and when I mention the east side, I mean the very outskirts of the city, anyways, should you go there, an expanding microbrewery lies in wait. Its beers are tasty, its atmosphere is intimate and the servers are friendly. This place, a relatively new establishment, is known as Noble Roots Brewing Company.

I’ve stopped here before, and I love the place’s tiny taproom.

However, before today, I really wasn’t impressed with the Noble Roots products.

Yet, after checking out the patio,

followed by another outdoor drinking spot

and the cramped brewing corner,

I taste tested a few excellent beers.

I settled on a seasonal concoction; it was an Irish red ale, known as Red Morning Sky. I also, since I had some time, sampled a couple of other brow raising brews. Both the Belgian Cherry Pie and Noble Roots IPA were above the bar; I’m not embellishing at all – they’re excellent.

All told, this place had seventeen choices, each being an interesting sounding beer. So, if you crave variety from a competent brewer, I think this spot is a solid choice.

Plus, the atmosphere exudes positive vibes.

When I was finished, as I regretfully declined a refill, my opinion was changed. The thirst quenching beer, the delightful service and the good hearted patrons swayed my perspective. Mostly, I think it was a more careful selection. This place seems to be improving, and now I’m a fan.

Safe Travels!

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