Flowing on the east side of Green Bay, a murky tributary feeds the Fox River.  Despite its brownish hue, this waterway, which meanders along reeds, rocks and trees, makes for an urban wilderness adventure.  My chosen spot, being full of local wildlife, is simply known as the East River. 

When planning an East River paddle, there are a couple of spots where one can launch a kayak – and they’re right in the Green Bay metro area.  I chose the Green Isle Park launch, which is located in Allouez. 

The sights along the east river, which are settings that change around every bend, are a combination of man made necessities and natural landscape.

It’s a rather cool mesh.

Some of that nature/city combo is intentional.

And as I mentioned wildlife, today, which was a rather scant day, at least for critter sightings, I ran into some waterfowl.

This mama, and her furiously paddling ducklings, remind me that this could be a family adventure.

I should mention, with all the fun aside, that if you paddle up river, the distance until an impassable bridge is about 2.2 miles – that is from the Green Isle launch. Conversely, should you head down river, or towards the west, it’s several miles before you run into the Fox River. It would actually be a few hours worth of paddling.

This river is fairly shallow, at least for the most part. I believe, from past reading, that the deepest point is around six feet.

Anyways, if you’re searching for a relatively safe adventure, one full of natural beauty and wildlife, this little river would be a city dweller’s answer.

Safe Travels!


  1. I enjoy kayaking. I especially like it in the morning. Did you find my Pentwater posts? Any plans to visit? We went kayaking on the Pentwater River (twice.) I really enjoyed it! Love the picture of the waterfowl. I’m not sure if it’s a heron.

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    1. Thanks, Betty. No, I didn’t find your posts. You can leave a link in the comments. I admit, I’m not good at bird identification, but I think the bird is a crane. And yes, I kayak, especially in the morning, very often.

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