Green Isle Park

Residing amid a residential area, where people are entrenched in urban life, a pleasant natural oasis, one where wildlife and wilderness persists, stands as an escape from the cityscapes.  But there’s even more in my chosen spot; it’s an expansive park full of family activities.  “Where is this?”  You may ask.  That’s easy, Green Isle Park is located in Allouez, Wisconsin.

I’ll start off with this place’s family friendly amenities.  Of course, with any family park, you’ll find an excellent playground.

And a baseball diamond encourages social bonding.  Of course, That’s  because, and I’m sure you know, leagues ask youths to be a part of a team.

Along with the baseball diamond, and a soccer field, tennis courts offer some good, fun exercise.

And if you would like to hold a summer event, there is plenty of room for such an undertaking.

All that aside, the reason why I enjoy this park, and I use these two features often, is that you can walk, bike or run the East River Trail from this spot.

Along this eight mile paved trail, you’ll find plenty of scenic settings.

Did I mention scenic settings?

Considering this trail is quite long, it’s a reassuring thought that one can find a bench to rest.

But trumping the scenery, wildlife abounds. From large mammals

to attractive birds,

you’ll get a true ‘great outdoors’ vibe.

Of course, as I had mentioned it in Wednesday’s post, you can access the East River here.

On this murky river, you’ll find excellent waterscapes,

and seldom seen wildlife.

So whatever your chosen leisure activity, if you visit Green Isle Park, you could most likely satiate that desire. And when your surrounded by blacktop and buildings, getting a bit lost in nature, well, that’s a remedy for stress.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “Green Isle Park”

  1. I love the trail. Some places have also turned tennis courts into pickleball courts – which is one of our new favorite activities. This park looks very pretty. I do want to explore Wisconsin some summer. I have been there, but just a bit. Your camera takes excellent pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Betty. And yes, my camera does a pretty good job. Sometimes it frustrates me, but I’m learning ways to alleviate some distortions. Also, my nephew loves pickle ball! When my sister’s family went to Mexico, he’d play with the Canadian retirees. Finally: Wisconsin…I love this place. There are a ton of landscapes, cities, shorelines and events that can suit just about anyone who visits – and that’s not a load of B.S.

      Liked by 1 person

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