Hiking the Redbird Trail

An excellent hike, one along limestone cliffs, awaits a visitor of northeast Wisconsin.  And with it, a state park, which is the host for this exhilarating nature walk, offers many other activities.  However, despite the park’s many features, today, I’ll stick with High Cliff State Park’s Red Bird Trail.

Right along the trail, this limestone ridgeline, which stretches as far as New York State, offers excellent scenery. 

And since not much topsoil covers the rock, roots can be an obstacle.

You’ll find chaotic beauty

accented with bold colors

I must admit, I found much of this off the beaten path.  Should you walk the designated trail, it’s a picturesque stroll through towering trees

and limestone flats.

Small streams will subdue any stress monster.

And there are a few places to kickback and enjoy the views.

Of course, at the trailhead, Chief Redbird, who was responsible for a Native American uprising, stands proudly atop the bluff – showing off his usual good nature.

The Redbird Trail is a 3.7 mile loop, so it would take a little over an hour to complete.  However, if you’re like me, and veer from the actual trail, investigating all the cool landscape nearby, you could lose yourself for quite awhile.  So you could say, and I feel it is appropriate, that the Redbird Trail is a natural doorway to an epic Wisconsin wilderness.

Safe Travels!

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    • Yeah, it’s all pretty cool. I had forgotten to mention that the Indian Mound Trail is also nearby. There, you can check out effigy mounds constructed by the ancient woodland people. Thanks for the comment Betty!

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