Lombardi Ave

It may not be Rodeo Drive, Broadway or Route 66, but Lombardi Avenue has a distinct identity – one any Wisconsinite instantly recognizes.  Mainly, a sports Mecca, which has stood for sixty-five years, rises over this vital Green Bay artery; yes, Lambeau Field definitely lifts the property taxes on Lombardi Ave.  But there’s more to this busy city street, and today I’ll highlight features that would satisfy any Packerland tourist.

I’ll start off with the afforementioned, and historic, Lambeau Field.  Here, in this hub of premium sports entertainment, you’ll find plenty of activities – and that’s during days without any big events.

I’m talking about things like the Packer Pro Shop, where nostalgic threads beg to be donned. 

Not to mention, and I certainly should mention it, anything else one could conceive.

After you’re done souvenir hunting, you could explore the lengthy Packer past.  “How so?” You may ask.  That’s easy, you’ll find info, and more than a few relics, inside  a museum known as the Packer Hall of Fame.

Or if they’re in the mood, one should take a tour of this iconic stadium.  The tour includes a walk through the player’s tunnel.  And then, after you’ve done everything I’ve mentioned, which would definitely kill a few hours, chow down on unique eats at the 1919 Kitchen and Tap.

After the Lambeau Field escapades, you should check out the Titletown District.  

There, with tons of yard games,

a full length field,

and a decent playground, one could have fun for hours.

Besides that, you’ll find trendy eateries,

ones that sport Green Bay’s iconic stadium as a backdrop.

See the stadium? No? Trust me, it’s there.

How ’bout now?

and now?

Yeah, there’s a lot of room at this spot, which happens to be full of modern class.

Did I mention class?

Anyways, if you’re still on the fence about taking a drive on Lombardi,

these slogans, which will pump you up for the upcoming season, serve as the border for a few yards.

And I’ll finish up, if you should stroll towards the east, with the ‘Walk of Legends’.

Here you’ll find Packer greats immortalized with city artwork.

Now, with these draws fresh in my head, and packer legends rising from my memory, I can’t help but to be psyched for another NFL season. The Pack should be contenders, just like the road known as Lombardi Avenue – okay, the Vegas Strip has this beat…but not by much!

Safe Travels!

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