Hanging Out at The Bar

Are you bound for a big game in Titletown? There are a few hangouts, which happen to be premier joints to party, a short leap from the Packers’ iconic home field. One of them, a short stroll from Lambeau, is simply known as The Bar. So, with that in mind, a pre-or- post-game fiesta, one filled with food and drink, would be appropriate here.

This spacious spot, which I guess is subtly hip, that is in a Wisconsin tavern type fashion, offers a full menu and plenty of drinks.

I went with a historic Wisconsin original; I know, it’s not brewed in Milwaukee anymore…blah, blah blah!

The bar isn’t ultra-hip, but it’s not ghetto either.

However this beer garden is super stellar…

and spacious.

I guess these booths are an attempt at class,

but given the surroundings, they appear out of place.

The Bar hosts bands, events, parties and more. So, I guess you could say, as I believe there was an old slogan, one that stated ‘there’s always something happening at The Bar’, this place’s war song still holds true.

Safe Travels!

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