Polka Days

Wisconsin has many residents, ones who happen to be fun loving Americans, that boast eastern European descent. One place where that is evident, being a farmland oasis, is Pulaski, Wisconsin. Here, celebrating its heritage, particularly its Polish Past, a music celebration begs all to come party. Yes, Polka Days asks one to dance, drink and, maybe, devour a paczki.

When we set out for this event, which we did yesterday, I expected to do some dancing – polka dancing that is (which happens to be a 19th century fav). Yet, because of slim cash reserves, considering admission to the grounds was twenty dollars, at least on Saturday, I decided against it.

I should mention, to be fair to the organizers, that Thursday’s fee was five dollars, and you could get into park for free on Sunday.

Despite not being able to set foot in the park, we still enjoyed our time. The entire town seemed abuzz, as vendors lined the road towards the Polka Days grounds.

With the vendors, and a subtle reminder of Christian morals,

We found a bakery,

where sensational sweets, including a Polish favorite, known as a paczki, drew people from the heat.

Although we didn’t hit the grounds, I got a shot of the main tent. Unfortunately, it was minutes before the band took the stage.

I’ll also add, in case you’re wondering, that there is much more to Polka Days. Included in the festivities, along with food and drink, are dance lessons, a parade and a Miss Polka pageant.

All and all, when we were finished, with few dollars spent, I was charmed by this ordinary Midwest town. Its celebration, known as Polka Days, reminds us that America is simply a melting pot. It continues to this day, as Asian, Hispanic and other ethnicities blend and weave a national community – one where all points of origin can be recognized.

Safe Travels!

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