Strolling Green Bay’s Washington Street

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, AKA Titletown USA, there are tons of things to do – especially around Lambeau Field. But beyond the Stadium District, you’ll find a peaceful yet vibrant city. To accentuate that fact, I chose to write about a downtown street, one that lies parallel with the Fox River. Yes, fun lies along lively Washington Street.

I should mention, and I feel it’s necessary, that Washington Street lies on the Fox River’s east bank. It’s actually a tricky turn, should you be approaching from Main Street, because the road is accessed on your way up the Ray Nitchke bridge.

Anyways, today, I visited this street. And I figured I’d write a few words. I’ll start with this:

This passage is a mixture of historical

and modern structures

Of course, if you’re visiting any downtown, you’d need things to pass your time.

How about a live performance?

Maybe you’d care for a drink, from craft beers to mixers, and a little bit of arcade gaming.

You could always get a bite to eat, take your pick, in some very stylish settings.

Or one could simply down a burger, one in a scene reminiscent of a distant past.

Right next to the street, the Fox River awaits the City Deck’s visitors.

You’ll even find artwork, pieces that celebrate Green Bay’s pemier team, you guessed it: the Packers. And yes, these renderings reside right on a street corner.

Of course, you might want eco-friendly ways to traverse this particular stretch.

If so, novel transports await.

As I wrap this short post up, I’m disappointed, that’s after I couldn’t fit everything on Washington Street in this post. There’s just a lot, and I’m seriously limited on time. But nonetheless, I feel this gives you an accurate taste of what’s there.

Safe Travels!

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