The District Sports Pub

Today, I’ll highlight another worthwhile joint. And yet again, I’ve picked a spot, a fun little hangout, within strides of Lambeau Field. The name of this tailgate time sports pub, which is equipped with a stadium vista patio, is simply D2, or the District.

This bar is connected to a hotel, which also has a spot to drink.

Inside D2, which offers a full menu, you get a sense of trendy.

There’s certainly a sports bar vibe here.

But D2’s most appealing trait would be it’s spacious patio,

Where Lambeau Field proudly informs you, in the most invigorating fashion, that you’re in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed in the beer selection. There are craft beers, but nothing is offered on tap.

In the end, if you are in town for a game, festivities, before or after, can definitely bolster your game day experience. And D2 might be the perfect spot for such an endeavor.

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