Kroll’s East

Every community has historic eateries; Green Bay is no exception. And if you’re searching for a family restaurant, one with authentic old-time appeal, Kroll’s East might satisfy that craving.

Sometimes, and actually in many cases, I’ll find a spot, one that I think will make an excellent blog topic, and I’ll simply discover it through word of mouth. This place actually comes from my mother, yet she probably hasn’t visited for years. It was a highschool hangout, which tells you that this was an authentic burger joint.

But Kroll’s, while still serving delicious patties on a toasted bun, has much more to offer. And even if much has stayed the same,

it has evolved to remain competitive.

Checkout this modern dining room.

This is definitely a fashionable bar.

But you could get lost in a yester-year vibe,

where booth seating is all the rage.

I guess, after realizing that Kroll’s is practically a Green Bay institution, I can assume that its reputation is obvious. And since Kroll’s was founded in 1935, that reputation has been maintained for well over eighty-five years. So, if you’re in Green Bay, and desire something genuinely local, this spot is definitely the answer.

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