Rambling About State Parks

Tomorrow, I’ll have the day off; I’m praying for decent weather. If the conditions are good, I’ll bike the trails. Hell, I might even try a hike, and I’m certainly looking forward to that.

It’s great to explore Wisconsin Wilderness. Well, okay, most of the exploring I do, and it certainly has been limited this year, is usually in a state park. Even if these preserves are absolutely well maintained, there is a subtle sense of adventure on many of these trails.

What blows my mind, and I’m not just hyping up my home state, is that there are 66 state parks in the Badger State. Usually, these parcels of land, which are lush havens, have some very distinct features. I think you know what I’m saying, these places hold qualities that one wouldn’t usually find, and that make these parks worth visiting.

Whether a dune laden shoreline, inland lakes set amidst dense forests, towering limestone bluffs rising above waterscapes or….well, man, Wisconsin, being right on the edge of Ice Age glaciers’ paths, has great geological and natural attributes – not to mention a history of man that dates back a few millenia. So, whether it be historical, natural or both, these parks can sate quite a few recreational cravings. I know first hand, having visited several this year.

So there! I didn’t intend to write a promotional type bit, but I did. Anyways, I’m not just saying this stuff, and if you’ve visited a few Wisconsin state parks, you know it’s true!

Safe Travels!

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