Taverne in the Sky

Located right across from Lambeau Field, where the stadium is practically in your face, you’ll find a fairly high-class spot. It’s a perch (for lack of a better word), a sports venue overlook, set atop the Kohler Lodge. The name of this upscale spot, one that spies the gem of the Black & Blue Division, is known as Taverne in the Sky.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get shots of the dining room, which has floor to ceiling plate glass windows. But I perused the drink list,

which offers craft beers, domestics, imports, creative cocktails and a large selection of wines.

This barroom has a superb aura,

and the bar is hip and classy

But the coolest thing, at least for me, is the fact that I can drink my beer on the balcony.

The glass you see holds a locally brewed beer.

I guess, after I layed my beer to rest, that I was satisfied with my visit. Well, I think the prices are slightly higher than most spots, but the atmosphere certainly makes up for that. So there you go, if you’re in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and searching for the best view of Lambeau Field, my empty glass tells the story.

Safe Travels!

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