Milwaukee’s Riverwalk

Set along Milwaukee’s  main waterway, you’ll find a fashionable path.  Its progressive style, mixed in with the Milwaukee River’s jovial bustle, makes for a vibrant scene.  This fun stretch of concrete is known as Milwaukee’s Riverwalk. 

We started near a few tour boats

and then we were pleased by the aesthetic nature of this stroll.

Did I say pleased?  Maybe inspired is a better word.

Invigorated?…yeah, I think that works.

As we strode down the walk, I couldn’t help but gawk at the vast variety of watercraft. 

And as we found a spot, a microbrewery known as Rock Bottom,

we sat along the river….and almost LOST OUR MINDS!

Okay, but this beer garden…deck…patio, whatever they call it, is mega cool.

It was simply a party atmosphere.

Added to the electric, yet comfortable, vibe, any watercraft imaginable seemed to glide down this docile passage.

I’m sure many can be rented, and you can enjoy Brew Town from the river’s vantage.

Along with all of this, we found a little city green.  This was a small, festive park.

When we returned to our car, which was parked at a downtown location, a location that took nine bucks from my bank account, I think our spirits were high.  And with the walk near the Fiserv Forum, the Deer District, Old World Third Street….man the area is just a lot of fun, anyways this little spot could eat a full day.

Safe Travels!

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