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Strolling Along the Fox River

At the center of Green Bay’s downtown, a lolling river meanders past modern and historic structures. And to accentuate this waterway, and add beauty to this small big city, the Fox River’s waterfront, no matter which bank you choose, offers a relaxed, fun experience.

You have to excuse me, this past summer, I’ve presented these banks in separate posts. But, in an attempt at a slightly different style, and since there’s a lack of time, I’ll combine the two previous posts – at least the photos from those blogs will appear.

“What will be different?” You may ask. Simply put, my delivery. I’ll choose a memorable experience, one I came across on this cityscape, and recount it briefly.

My night out...

It’s a nice evening. Long shadows mix with city green, concrete, brick and asphalt. The blue skies beg souls to walk beneath them. Well, they’re not begging, but I do feel invited….it’s simply appealing.

Heidi and I devoured a fantastic meal, a dinner at our favorite eatery, and are going to stroll during light conversation.

We cross Dousman Street, and make it to the head of the Packer Heritage Trail.

Here, with the museum boldly testifying to Green Bay’s storied past,

we take in city green,

glance at a few fishermen

and appreciate the toils of our predecessors.

As we continue, pleasantly entertained, we find causes for reverence.

It’s a respect for heroes, ones that shouldn’t be forgotten…this is a war memorial.

We’re traipsing along, gallavanting from one point of interest to another. As we do, unmistakable raucous melodies, I’m talking about a live band’s sounds, carry across the river. The tantalizing clamor lures me towards the other river bank.

So, we hit Walnut Street, and then cross the Bart Starr Bridge . Here, blue collar industry is in your face.

But if you prefer an artful urban setting, should you stroll south, and wind up at Fox Harbor, you’ll get a dose of refined landscape

and an antiquated party place.

We’ve had our fill of the classy, historic setting. We decide to find the source of the jovial melodies.

This fowl dude isn’t the source, he just makes a lot of racket…eh, he’s cool anyways.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of the band. But you could witness similarly vibrant tones, should you visit the City Deck.

As we gain upon this spot, with Fridays on the Fox in full swing, I’m captivated by a twenty-person paddle boat

and order a beer from a patio bar.

We sit down and enjoy the tunes.

But, as the sun sets towards the west,

and a bridge between two souls has been reestablished,

our amorous chatter carries on from this downtown area towards my city’s edge home. Once inside, the good humor persists, that is until I drift off to sleep, picturing the lively banks of the Fox River.

Safe Travels!

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