The Art Garage’s Exhibits

I guess I’ll start this off, and I’m just lending my opinion,  by saying that Green Bay isn’t a real artsy town.  Hell, our biggest monuments, correct me if I’m wrong, are statues of football legends…but tourists eat that stuff up, and they are cool.  What I’m saying, to avoid a lengthy lead in, one that may seem senseless, is that Green Bay needs a local art gallery – and the Art Garage is it.

Today, being a crystal clear Thursday evening, I explored this gallery.  There were two expositions, both holding separate points of interest.  As I surveyed the Art Garage’s unassuming brick structure, I wondered what I would find.

My art adventure…

The fresh, calm air endows a sense of peace. Unaware of what I might stumble upon, I stride under that peaceful blue sky towards the Art Garage.  Its glass panels glisten from the bronze orb sinking…

alright, wait a second, a little too much  prose?  How about this?  The weather is perfect!

Not to mention, an art gallery seems like a great way to spend a lonely evening.  As I find my way, that is to say as I enter this small art house, I discover a curious collection.

It’s super cool, especially when you realize who these works come from. 

This small exhibition showcases talent, talent from some who fight problems I know nothing about. 

Yes, these renderings come from those with cerebral palsy.  Nothing against them, but given their physical disability, heck, disability or not, I find these pieces to be amazing!

Here’s to the human spirit!

After I check out the front gallery, I head towards the second exhibition. There, lying on brick walls, I discover an ancient source of destruction – yet, this phenomenon has aided man all the same.

My girlfriend isn’t with me, but I’m tempted to mimic the cartoon character Beavis. Yes, I simply want to yell, “FIRE!”

There must be a goofy, childish grin fighting my will.

The exhibition is cool. A few paintings, using several media, catch my eye – I think I actually gawk at one.

I should mention, as your chances are limited, that these two exhibitions, ‘Elements-Fire‘ and ‘CP-Artists With All Abilities‘, last only a short while- until August 27 to be exact.

When I finish, I ruminate about this place. It features local art, and I love its style. The name ‘Art Garage’ reminds me of the 90’s Grunge era. Then, musicians didn’t care about glitz and glam, and preferred low key venues to perform in. With its name, and brick walls, plus a few industrial lights, you sense that the Art Garage artists echo those sentiments, saying, “Just let me create!”

And the creations are pretty cool.

Safe Travels!

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