Garden Under a Cloudy Sky

This post, as I’m a bit disappointed, is about my parents’ garden.  There, as I took in the lush green and vibrant flowers, I was reminded of what initiative, hard work and proper care can render.  Why was I disappointed then?  Because those responsible for that beautiful patch were gone.

Yet, having lent a hand myself, I took pleasure and pride in observing the blossoming vegetables, the burgeoning flowers and the morsels ripe for the picking.

I took a few photos; this one signifies the garden’s humble beginnings.

Then the entire parcel exploded into something, a productive and beautiful setting, I wouldn’t have imagined: like a soul coming into his own….even if the world sometimes seems askew.

Of course, with anything, there’s guards against those that mean harm.

And when the nurturing efforts produce blossoms,

the rewards are countless.

I titled this, thinking of  Van Gogh’s paintings, to be somewhat poetic.  When I look at many Van Goghs my subconscious grasps more than images.  Yet, I can’t accurately articulate my insights.

However, as you read this, I’m sure you realize I understand my own intentions.  “You’re a bit high on yourself,” you might assert.  I’ll brush off that jab by saying, “Not really, I just happen to have two siblings, and they’re everything an adult human should be.”

As you know, each seed grows into its own separate form. 

Yet, no matter what form they assume, and how distant their rearing seems, their background is still clearly evident.

Safe Travels!

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