The Bottle Room

Set in a northwestern Green Bay burb, you’ll discover an elegant establishment – albeit in a strip mall. With a refined, old class atmosphere, and a few good wine and craft beer selections, this place might suit an alcohol enthusiast’s tastes. The name? It’s aptly titled the bottle room.

This place is cool, at least cosmetically. BUT…and I’m not much of a wine drinker, so those choices might be more adventurous, the beer selections were pretty standard- and I was anticipating more options. Yet, all the beers that I found were established winners, and the prices weren’t outrageous.

My beer escapade…

It’s a lonely Thursday in northeast Wisconsin, and I have the day off. I’m driving home from the Reforestation Camp, feeling good about my MTB ride, and decide to reward myself.

So, I take the Lineville Rd exit off of I-41. I follow the road west towards Howard, pausing for a long train, and find a Kwik Trip…It’s Big Buddy time! After I grab my fountain soda, and creep from the parking lot, I spy a strip mall. And as I curiously survey the sign tower, I notice a place titled the Bottle Room.

Later on, when I realize my girlfriend is engaged in other activities, and I’ve finished my chores, I decide to check the place out.

When I arrive, the stylish ambiance wows me.

And, at about the same time, the service does the same. I’m immediately greeted by a waitress…maybe she’s fast to react, and it might be the case, because some weirdo walked in and started taking pictures.

Nonetheless, I ask for a beer list, and she obliges.

I know, it looks like a full length comic book, one with a fancy hardcover…is there actually such a thing? Anyways, it’s a little deceiving. Keep in mind, there’s a food menu and lists that include cocktails, wines and brews in that ‘book’.

I look it over, most of these beers, and I’m a seasoned vet, I’ve seen at just about any bar. You might not find them under the same roof, but in and around Titletown, these are very standard offerings.

So, to put the finishing touches on my visit, being that I’m interested in craft beers, not food, wines or cocktails, I decide to check out the patio.

Kinda cool, huh?

I sip my Vienna Lager, withstanding a slight rain. As I enjoy the light buzz of the Bottle Room’s patrons, I begin typing this blog. My hope is that those visiting Green Bay, Wisconsin find this useful.

I know, I really didn’t say much about the food, wines or cocktails. That’s because, and I’m aiming for ones with my tastes, I really don’t have much of a background on those categories.

Safe Travels!

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