Hiking Governor Dodge State Park’s Lost Canyon Trail

Residing in southwestern Wisconsin, near Dodgeville, Governor Dodge State Park is one of the largest parks in the state. Offering tons of activities, ones like hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, biking and swimming, this place can spark excellent summertime adventures. The Lost Canyon Trail can be one of those wilderness excursions.

To be honest, this post is going to be very short. Mainly because, and I think it’s worth stating, I did very little research.

Our hike started along a flowery meadow.

Then we descended into a wooded gorge

via a tricky stone staircase.

Did I mention tricky?

Actually the descent isn’t super lengthy, but I was definitely cautious. When I arrived at the rocky floor,

I was treated to Stephens Falls.

There, it appears as if this stone face was literally cut by God.

We continued further, striding along a trickling stream, which flowed across deadwood and moss covered rocks, and ran in between steep rock walls.

At times, the footing was somewhat cumbersome.

The light vegetation was the canyon’s subtle adornment.

There were a few blossoms along the path.

Eventually the trail became easier,

the blossoms were bolder,

but the rock walls were still impressively imposing.

The Lost Canyon trail is said to be 3.0 miles. We didn’t venture the entire trail, being that sunset was approaching.

When we were finished, it was a delightful emotion that took hold. Well, the ominous rolling thunder caused some haste. Not to worry, we made it to the campsite before the rain hit. Anyways, I’m excited for what today might offer…

Safe Travels!

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