Governor Dodge State Park’s Pine Bluff Trail

Governor Dodge State Park, named after General Henry Dodge, who was governor of the fledgling Wisconsin Territory, offers an array of natural settings.  From towering sandstone cliffs to man made lakes, or hills and valleys to rolling meadows, you’re bound to find something that will inspire outdoor recreation…so…Heidi and I did.  A trail, a very scenic trail, a bit challenging but refreshing,  allowed a chance to take in southwest Wisconsin’s fresh air.  They call it the Pine Bluff  Trail.

Honestly, and I’m not overstating it, this trail wowed me. As we strode down this narrow path, which resides near Cox Hollow Lake, and can be accessed at Enee Point, we eagerly anticipated every scene behind the next twist,

and discovered sandstone cliffs.

One was fairly easy to climb.

Never mind that, well, you should mind, because sandstone bluffs are cool…anyways, what I should say is: PLUS, as you walk this path,

you’ll stumble upon a few rustic bridges.

And as you ramble further down,

You’ll come across this lake. I read that it was created by a man-made earthen dam…seems hard to believe??

This was a fairly short hike, though we did take a wrong turn. When we found our way back, we were treated to many different scenes.

The settings, a few exuding an exotic aura,

are uniquely specific to this midwestern region. Southwestern Wisconsin is caught in a spot geologically known as the driftless area – meaning, for whatever reason, unlike surrounding areas, this piece of land was not touched by Ice Age glaciers. So, the scenery offers a somewhat ancient view, with glimpses of worn hills and valleys, of what the midwest looked like before giant sheets of ice tore through it.

However, some landscapes, for the sake of ease, and necessity, were aided by human skill.

Others just blossomed, in a fairly rough manner, sheerly by Mother Nature’s will.

Or…maybe it was her grace.

Some just gave the trail colorful class.

In the end, after some laborious hill climbs, it was, not to be too cliche, an air of peace and tranquility that satiated that need for an outdoors experience.

I guess, as this was the second, and final, hike of the weekend, I can honestly say, and these aren’t embellishing words, that Governor Dodge State Park offers awesome hiking adventures. They’re a bit challenging, but, if you’re careful, they are mentally and physically rewarding. If I had one gripe, it would have been the occasional rain-shower…but they can add their own aesthetic touch.

Safe Travels!

P. S. And I should have mentioned it earlier, there are a few fields of flowers on your walk. While they make for excellent scenery, the chaotic clamor of many buzzing bees may be alarming, especially for someone allergic to stings….I’m one of those people. I didn’t feel threatened, but I was wary nonetheless.

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