Our Experience at Governor Dodge State Park

A recreational haven, one set inside Wisconsin’s driftless area, can attract those longing for some outdoor fun. That’s what Governor Dodge State Park is: a hill laden, valley graced, flowery meadow sporting and sandstone bluff featuring land of Wisconsin adventure. Did I mention its lakes? No? Well, the park has two of those also. Anyways, as you may have guessed, Heidi and I trekked towards southwestern Wisconsin in hopes of a wilderness vacation.

This post is going to be fairly short. And it’s kind of a shame. Governor Dodge State Park offers tons of activities. Of the many recreational pursuits, horseback riding really caught my eye. Mainly because, and I’ve only rode one horse my entire life, there are lengthy equestrian trails in this park…some of the hills look dangerous though.

Aside from that, and no, I didn’t go horseback riding, nor did I do any off road biking, which was another trail option…anyways, aside from that, there are many hiking trails….I ventured two.

After our visit was over, I could honestly say, and I really mean it, that this spot offers some of the best hiking in the state…the trails, being Pine Bluff and Lost Canyon, were beyond awesome.

As for the lakes, both Twin Valley Lake and Cox Hollow Lake have beaches.

However, Cox Hollow is the only one with a concession stand, and you can rent watercraft there. Our vessel of choice, picking from a selection of paddle boats, kayaks and canoes, was a three man canoe.

The journey took around an hour, and we explored the lake’s entire perimeter. As we did, many of nature’s endowments entertained us. I guess I should mention them; along with trees galore, there is a cool sandstone rock formation along the shore, and there was also wildlife to be seen.

As for camping, which we did, as there are a few separate campgrounds in the park, we chose Twin Valley Campground; our sight was awesome. Some, not ours though, sit right on a ridge, offering a view of a sloping meadow. The site was only 30 bucks a night…oh, I can’t forget the registration fee.

Anyways, our trip was fun..I also learned a solid way to build a campfire. I think, besides learning how to harness fire, the things I’ll remember most are the hikes. Yet, I can’t forget our paddling adventure. And should you choose, many other outdoor excursions are waiting at Governor Dodge State Park.

Safe Travels!

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    • Thanks, Sue! In this particular park, there are plenty of spectacular scenes for photos. I know you love photographing flowers, and this park has a ton of wildflowers…watch out for bees though.

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