Paddling Cox Hollow Lake

Paddling a docile body of water, you know, sending a lolling vessel across beautiful scenery, is a great recipe for relaxation.  Governor Dodge State Park has two small lakes, which are peaceful reservoirs, that could lure the casual paddler. Our choice was Cox Hollow Lake, being that it was the only spot, at least the only spot in the park, where one could rent watercraft.

Our choice of boat was a canoe.  To successfully paddle such a craft, it takes a bit of teamwork, so it’s a great couples communication exercise.  No, we didn’t bicker.  Instead, we enjoyed the sights, which included jumping fish, an eagle and a sandstone rock formation.

While paddling, we explored the lake’s perimeter, surveying  the sloped, tree laden shoreline.  The water was abuzz with lazily traveling watercraft.  During those moments, I truly felt like I was on vacation. 

I read that Cox Hollow Lake is the result of an earthen dam.  Basically, it’s a body of water fed by drainage.  When you’re out skimming across the lake, it simply feels that it belongs in this portion of Wisconsin.

Anyways, Heidi took most of the pictures while we were on the lake.  When we were paddling, I really didn’t think I would write about it, so I only took one photo.  With that said, since I didn’t get around to asking Heidi, being that I hadn’t thought about it, I am unable to show you her shots of the shoreline.

Well, with all that said, after an hour, and inspecting most of this 81 acre lake, I definitely felt that the 21 dollar rental fee was worth it.  And with a selection of paddle boats, kayaks and canoes, I think you would too.

Safe Travels!

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