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My Favorite Visits of This Past Summer

Wisconsin has a lot of great people.  It’s evidenced in bars, restaurants and anything else visited for leisure.  This past summer, I’ve hit a  few of those sensational spots.  So, being that I’m reflecting a bit,  I thought I’d include my top five places in this post.

Okay, this isn’t going to be the top five spots in the state. Nor will it be my absolute favorites.  It’s simply my five favorite experiences during this past summer.  So, without further ado, here they are…

AL Ringling Brewing Company

I’ll start with a microbrewery; I’ll actually include another in this post.  For now, I’ll talk about a pit stop, one on our first day of vacation, that was set inside a circus mogul’s domocile. 

Al Ringling Brewing Company, located in Baraboo, Wisconsin,  features twenty taps,

reasonably priced pub fare,

a yesteryear styled beer garden

and a decent sized mezzanine. 

The decor, and this should come as no surprise, features a lot of big top flair…

including a genuine piece dating back to 1903.

As I recall my visit, remembering how cool this spot was, I’d have to say the high point of my visit was the Ringling Original. It’s a family beer recipe, and it tasted like many domestics of that era. They found this recipe in the floorboards of the mansion. Yes, I said mansion.

It’s literally attached to the brewery, and it can be toured for twenty bucks.

The Original Wisconsin Ducks

Another great place…well, okay, it’s not a place, it’s a tour – a fantastic tour. During this hour long trip, you can view forested lands,

a wide river,

tall cliffs

and a small lake.

And though the scenery is enough to captivate any tourist, the real sell is your mode of transportation.  It’s known as a Duck.  Actually, Duck was a military nickname given to these amphibious vehicles.  That’s right; I said amphibious.

These Korean War and WWII vets, which were vehicles that served during the Normandy invasion, will speed around turns,

splash headlong into waters

and cruise atop rivers and lakes. 

You’re probably asking,  “Where is this?”  I’ll tell you: Wisconsin Dells.  There are many tours to choose from , much like this one, and they’re all set in this tourist laden city. Keep an eye peeled for deals; they’re everywhere.

The Title Town District

Say you’re visiting Green Bay, and you’re engaging in the city’s number 1 activity: attending a Packer game.  You might be wondering, “Are there any cool places near Lambeau Field?”  Rest assured, there certainly are.

Of them, a conglomeration of bars, restaurants, multi-seasonal activities and events reside right across from the Packers’ iconic stadium. It’s known as the Title Town District.

In the summer, you could play yard games

or dine alfresco.

In winter, you could ice skate

or cozy up to a fire, with the added warmth of avid football fans,

and enjoy a beer.

There’s also a hotel on this property.  While some of the dining spots are pricey, many of the courtyard features, such as a full size football field and playground, are absolutely free.

Moose Jaw Pizza and Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company

I promised another brewery, and here it is!  This one is set in the heart of Wisconsin Dells.  It’s a rustic log cabin on roids,

and the Pizza…

well, yeah, DELISH!

There weren’t a lot of original brews at this place, yet the one I drank was decent.  This establishment, which came complete with its own gift shop,

will remain in my memory,  screaming Wisconsin woodland sanctuary- even if it is in the most commercialized city in America’s Dairyland!

The Milwaukee Riverwalk

Finally, and this place will linger in my memory for years,

should I not visit again…as I was saying, my last choice was Milwaukee’s Riverwalk.

This progressive, fashionable path is set on the banks of the Milwaukee River,

and it awaits anybody who cares for a stroll.

We found ourselves at an establishment,

drinking beers and feeling the setting’s lax electricity. 

Every leisure boat imaginable cruises the river, and the vibrant souls aboard emit a jovial atmosphere. 

You’ll also find cruises,


and festive parks.  

The stroll was an inexpensive, and uplifting, Downtown Milwaukee excursion.

So, there’s my favorite visits of this summer. Although it certainly seemed like a lackluster year, I look back and say, “Yeah, I actually had a bit of fun.” I hope I inspired your own late-season sense of adventure, and you decide to visit one of these excellent spots. If not these, maybe I’ve sparked a desire to visit your own choice of leisure.

Safe Travels!

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