My Favorite Restaurant Visits of 2022

I bet you can tell, especially if you’ve been reading my posts lately, that I’m using Fridays for retrospection. This post is no different, and I think everyone, and I mean almost any tastebud endowed individual, will take interest in today’s category. So far, minus a few rough bumps, 2022 hasn’t been horrible. And my dining affairs deserve a second glance. That’s what this post is all about….

Al Ringling Brewing Company

I’ll begin with a microbrewery in Baraboo, Wisconsin. If you don’t know, Baraboo is home of a living circus museum. This museum, known as Circus World, is set on the original Ringling Bros. Circus’s winter grounds.

Separate from those grounds, gilded in red brick, you’ll find a big top showman’s house…or it once was his home. Today, you can tour that mansion.

Along with the mansion, a new wing has been built, and it melds seamlessly with the original structure. In this large, three ring themed annex, one will find a brewery and restaurant.

The beer is choice, and, like a lot of similar spots, pub fare happens to be the menu’s offerings. I felt like including Al Ringling Brewing Company on my list, and deservedly so, mainly because of its uniqueness…oh, the food is reasonably priced also.

The Depot

Next up, and I’ve included this Green Bay spot in a few other posts, is the Depot. During the turn of the twentieth century, a rail station was erected near the Fox River. This depot saw a lot of traffic; that included A-list celebs and US presidents.

Today, keeping much of its original features intact,

this place serves as a gastro-pub. The menu is broad, and it includes a spicy elk burger plus deep fried pickles. As far as prices go, it’s comparable to many Green Bay spots.

The Wharf

Set right along the mouth of the Manitowoc River, in the city of….you guessed it: Manitowoc, you’ll find a fashionable, fun and affordable spot.

The menu isn’t huge, and the waitstaff is nonexistent. But the food is good, the setting is magnificent and the prices are easy on the pocket book.

The Wharf, that’s what they call the place, sports live music,

a view of the river

and an outdoor food stand.

We stumbled upon this place by accident; it was literally the best find of the summer….oh, I can’t forget about the wide range of alcohol choices.

Moose Jaw Pizza and Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company

There are tons of restaurants in Wisconsin Dells. So, I can’t say, which I wish I could boast, that this place is the best in the city. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you it’s in the top ten. What I do know is, and I’m quite assured in my claim, that Moose Jaw Pizza and Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company is quality…if not a tad pricey…but, eh, you’re in the Dells, what do you expect?

And if you’re wondering what’s on the menu, it’s large. Yet, if you opt for pizza…

yeah, you’ll come out a winner

I should also mention, because it’ll hit you the moment you drive in the parking lot, that this place is super rustic- kind of like a log cabin on steroids.

Old World Third Street

Finally, I’m going to a stray a bit from my category…in only its purest sense. Instead of a singular restaurant, I’m going to give you an entire block. It’s a busy Milwaukee locale known as Old World Third Street.

As you may have guessed, which is obvious by name alone, this stretch harkens back to Brew Town’s roots. And if you know Milwaukee’s domestic beer giants, many of which have faded into obscurity, you know this town has some serious German heritage.

So….guess what! On this stretch, which features a supper club(it looks like a Bavarian manor), along with eateries that furnish outdoor seating, you’ll find saurkraut, schnitzel, brats, beer and more. What’s really cool, should you visit the right place, if you make a purchase, the establishment’s shuttles will drive you to Brewer games.

So, I’ve finished another list. I’m quite proud of this one. And I guarantee, if you try any of these restaurants, and do it for the traits I’ve mentioned, I doubt you’ll wind up disappointed. They definitely live in my memory…it’s my wish that those positive vibes are passed on to you.

Safe Travels!

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