The Art Garage’s October Exhibits

When I mention the art garage, which I’ve done on many occasions, I introduce it as a low-key and refreshing gallery- kind of an aberration in blue collar Green Bay, Wisconsin. I also mention, and it’s my main reason for posting, that this gallery is a showplace for local artists…and I feel I really don’t need to say anymore.

So, today, I’ll focus on this month’s exhibits.

The front gallery, which is separate from the side showcase, features unique and affordable art.

Mike Riley’s technique is seemingly simplistic, yet he really knows how to pour it on. In fact, in apt fashion, that’s what he named his exhibit: Pour it On.

All told, there are over one hundred pieces to choose from, and I found nothing exceeding a seventy-five dollar price tag.

Should you step away from those displays, and wander the side gallery, you’ll find a more traditional collection of art.

While varying in media, everything down these halls celebrates a refreshing, destructive and useful force on this earth: Wind.

Elements: Wind features works of art, all ready for purchase and produced by a variety of artists. Each one depicts an invisible phenomenon. I found many of these fairly interesting.

As I wrap my short post up, I’ll mention that both Elements: Wind and Pour it On are on display until October 29th. Art can be purchased on site and will be available the first week of November.

Safe Travels!

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