Hanging Out in the Rail Yard District

Green Bay, Wisconsin, a football town, one that boasts 100,000 souls, has many friendly spots.  Of those fashionable hangouts, there’s a trendy place full of history.  Believe it or not, this downtown location proves, as many may have guessed, that this town’s roots run deeper than the Packers.

Today, I didn’t feel like going anywhere.  So, I decided I’d combine two of my Title Town favorites’.  They’re in the same locale, and this place, aptly known as the Rail Yard District, resides on the modest banks of the Fox River.

According to the Neville Public Museum, which is Green Bay’s foremost local history authority, there is reason to believe that Fort Howard once stood near this spot.  For those that don’t know, because I’m sure most are unfamiliar with that military installation, Fort Howard was an 1816 pioneer fort.  It was the prime catalyst for this Midwestern community’s growth.

And as Green Bay grew, and attracted presidents and A-list celebs, the need for efficient transportation became a must.  That fact is obvious, as a two story brick structure, one supporting a prominent clock tower, dominates the Fox River’s west bank.  It once was known as the Green Bay and Western train station.  Today, it’s a gastropub  simply known as the Depot.

Inside this brick shell, you’ll find a very genuine, turn of the twentieth century, aura.

  On top of that, some tables are situated near antique windows.

  These storied glass panes overlook Liecht Park(believed to be the grounds of Fort Howard) and the docile Fox River.  You’ll also glimpse a bridge named for a football legend.

As for the menu, beers from nearby Title Town Brewing Company are ready for sipping, as are wines and mixers.  The food choices, which can accommodate a variety of palates, range from fine dining to pub fare.  My favorite, as I’m a red-blooded, blue collared guy, is the spicy Elk burger with a side of deep fried pickles.

If you just care for a beer, lo and behold, the aforementioned Title Town Brewing Company lies just across the parking lot.

While not as alluring as a train depot, an old canning factory is home to the brewery.  Its brick walls, which are original to the structure,  give the first floor taproom a barebones grit appeal.

Of the beers, you could try a Dark Helmet, Green 19, Johnny Blood or other football related labels. 

I can’t forget the rooftop bar, which allows the best view of the city.  Both bars, rooftop and taproom,  sport plenty of TV screens to watch the big game.

There, though there are more aspects to the Railyard District, I hit on a visitor’s prime interests.  They’re my interests also.  So if you’re in town for a game, head to this area, and take in a truly historic setting!

Safe Travels!

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