Fall Riding at the Reforestation Camp

Fall is really in full swing. So, since I haven’t posted much this month, I figured I’d give you a taste of the Reforestation Camp. There, pine needles mat a trail, one that cuts through colorful foliage, and surprises abound around every bend.

Okay, if you take a look at this photo,

You’ll know my first paragraph was a bit of malarky. Right now, the dead leaves, which are dulled to bland shades, blanket the ground…

very few are still clinging to bare wood spires.

The obscured trail, which is tricky to navigate, is best found by observing the empty trees. Finding the open space, especially on a single track, is quite difficult.

Of course, other areas were like this…

The trail is pretty obvious.

I recall, over a week ago, right before I came down with a nasty cold, this was the scene,

it allowed for photos like this….

And deeper in the woods, as you see my workspace,

I had an abundance of fall elements to create another fun fall pic.

If you’re wondering about more, I’m referring to the Reforestation Camp, you can always check out my other blogs, such as Mountain Biking at the Reforestation Camp. There, I supply useful info.

I have to say this, after recovering from illness, I’m thankful that God has blessed me with a healthy body. I work to keep it that way, but without his aide, I’d be subject to pitfalls. His will, and I’m not just saying this, supersedes all egos.

Safe Travels!

6 responses to “Fall Riding at the Reforestation Camp”

  1. Even with the “bland colors”, the forest is still a beautiful place. I always think the air in a forest is wonderful and good for us to breath. Our health is our greatest treasure, and you are wise to appreciate it and take care of it. And you are right. God is good!

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    • Thanks, Diana!! I just reread the entry. I made some slight writing gaffs…ah the chagrin! Well, I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ll also have to check out your writing; it’s always fun and enlightening!

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