A Stroll Through Heritage Hill

History is a bit of an unknown, isn’t it? I mean, there are events everybody is certainly aware of- at least in the national community. Yet, I bet you couldn’t tell me what your great-grandmother did, and you can pick any one of those loving ancestors, anyways, can you tell me their activities the night before their weddings? Unfortunately, I never asked my own. So, now that I’ve pointed out those forgotten moments, if one should visit vestiges of bygone eras, a fun journey of rediscovery commences- and that’s the cool thing about museums.

A museum: that’s what Heritage Hill is…one giant museum. If you were to visit this Green Bay area sight, and I’m speaking of right now, the buildings are closed. But for a mere five dollars, you can still gallivant through this Wisconsin state park.

As you do, you could let your imagination wander. A Victorian Era setting is predominant along the gradual grassy slope.

Picture the harvest freshly finished, and, on your Belgian farm, you’re preparing for colder weather.

Of course, a trip to town, because you’ll need winter supplies, is a necessary quest.

The firehouse would lend comfort- that is if your wood stove caused any house fire anxiety.

Church on Sundays is certainly a must.

I can’t forget, although sometimes I wish I could, that November means voting season. You could choose your officials at the town hall.

Also, while traversing the rural countryside, although their garden is bare,

you could visit that well-off relative.

As I mention this, I can’t omit Green Bay’s first European inhabitants. Although France was never interested in early settlements, some Frenchmen, particularly fur traders, spent time in the area.

I can’t forget about 17th century Catholic missionaries.

If you feel intimidated, I mean, after all, you’re venturing the Midwestern wilderness, Wisconsin’s first courthouse sat right here.

Or better yet, in an effort to protect waterway trade routes, ones that connected indigenous peoples and settlers alike, a pioneer fort lies as assurance against hostiles.

There, guns are at the ready!

There are other buildings to peruse, and, also, Heritage Hill has upcoming events, including a Christmas celebration December 9th and 10th. So, wander if you will, and discover buildings that made Wisconsin America’s Dairyland- with a strong Christian background.

Safe Travels!

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