A Brief Glimpse at Holiday Decorated Lambeau Field

It’s a clash of seasons, well almost. While we’re amid a dismal Packer campaign, a festive holiday atmosphere, one that could elevate a Green Bay fan’s spirit, is set inside the team’s hallowed home. So, as I prepare for the retail melee, and the joyous season following Thanksgiving Day, I decided I’d get a dose of Christmas cheer- NFL style.

I started with a place,

one where gift ideas abound.

While snapping a few photos, Deck the Halls rang in my skull.

Of course, when compared to any other NFL franchise,

the number of Packer NFL championships rises above anyone else.

As I mention that, you’ll find a spot paying homage to those players, many gritty and courageous souls, who helped forge the Packer legacy,

and a window to the past will be discovered.

Of course, Wisconsin hospitality can’t be beat.

and the grandeur of the atrium, where many events are held, will incite a sense of awe.

There, Yuletide sentiments are evident.

Finally, if you feel a bit hungry, there’s a stylish spot to feast.

If you’re wondering, the Lambeau Field tour prices, which can be coupled with a Packer Hall of Fame ticket, vary greatly. Cost depends on the day of the tour; dates closer to home games are much pricier. The price also differs with the type of tour one chooses. Some are guided by ex Packer players…of course those cost a great deal of money.

With those guided walks, you’ll be privy to much more than what is shown here. If you should be up for a little holiday Packer fun, one can google the stadium tour and discover for themselves.

Safe Travels!

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