The Art Garage’s November Exhibits

I’ve mentioned the Art Garage many times, and each time I herald it as a showcase for northeast Wisconsin’s artists- which it certainly is. Now, actually beginning yesterday, new exhibits grace the gallery’s halls.

There are two exhibitions on display. An interesting collaboration produced by Karen Kjell, who is a Green Bay resident, one who spent twenty years in Brazil, resides in the front gallery. I glanced her unique pieces, which are mainly ceramic bits, and was briefly delighted.

The side gallery really grasped my attention. It was the Art Garage’s 2022 year in review. Dare I say I was enraptured by this stunning display of artistry….

wait, is that a bit over the top? Actually, some of these pieces captivated me, and pushed me to capture them digitally.

I took a pic of a superior digital photographer’s rendering.

I also pondered the meaning of space cadet.

Of course, creations emanating from pride always take center stage.

So on, and so forth.

These fun collections will remain briefly. So, go check them out!

Art: Redefined, which is the front gallery’s exhibit, is on display until December 3, 2022. And remaining a bit longer, 2022 Year in Review lasts until December 31st. As Maryssa Paulsen, an attendant for the gallery, exuberantly explained, “There’s no correct way to visit a gallery. Yet, visiting an exhibition more than once is a good idea. Each time, you might leave and find a new favorite.”

Safe Travels!

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