The Holiday Setting at Title Town

While tomorrow’s game, a contest pitting the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers, which is set to take place at historic Lambeau…I guess I really don’t need to hype this game up. But can you feel the ghosts? Two sides entrenched in a goal line battle, the frozen earth waiting to jar the fallen…yeah, the game will conjure legendary ghosts of yore.

And as I mention apparitions, Christmas traditions also spur the lusts for bygone eras. So, say you could mesh pasts, Yuletide spirits and gridiron legends, what would you get? I’ll tell you what I think: The Title Town District during the holiday season.

Okay, that’s a bit corny. In all seriousness, do you want to experience a little holiday magic?

Okay, I should have trashed that pic.

But set your sights on this, and feel your emotions glide through an illuminated wonderland…there I go again- corny!

Eh, but kind of true.

Retail melee, work parties, charities, decorations, yes, with every holiday season, there will be hills to climb.

This one just needs snow.

But, here, at Title Town, there are other activities to partake in. How about an enchanted game of horseshoes.

Better yet, shuffleboard is a yearlong favorite.

You could take a stroll in the playground,

test your forty yard dash speed

or simply run wild on a full size football field.

Of course, even if I have no pics to demonstrate, there are also plenty of bars and restaurants inside the district. So, after you have succumbed to the freezing temps, you could warm yourself in a jovial atmosphere. I know…jovial? Work with me, I’m trying a Dickens tone…you know, Christmas ghosts…anyways.

When I’m done, as a subtle numbness overtakes my fingers, I know that the holiday season is what we make of it. While some are confronted with hideous circumstances, I think it’s our duty, I’m speaking the obligations of fortunate souls, to spread cheer and goodwill to downtrodden hearts. Like doubt and hatred, and I shouldn’t have to say this, but love, kindness and joy are also contagious. The choice is up to every person.

Safe Travels!

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