The Holiday scene in Green Bay’s Down- town

When the seasons change, and leaves fall from trees, the colder weather may instill a sense of longing. Yet, to stave off depressed emotions, and the desire for warmer temps, Midwestern towns illuminate the longer nights of winter…at least on city streets and shop windows.

So, as the cold has finally settled in Green Bay, I’ve decided I’d take an early holiday stroll. You know what I mean, a fun gambol, one through an ordinary downtown, a city graced with 19th century buildings, and adorned with festive lights, might just send my spirits soaring.

What I found, as I strolled along the clean walks, residing on a city passage known as Washington Street, was a vibrant display of lights.

Historic buildings were livened by unmistakeable green and gold.

As my being was set alight, I sensed a background of similar souls.

Even Yuletide shop windows, boasting traditional decor, got caught up in the act.

When I turned towards the Fox River, leaving the festive city street behind,

I discovered a magical…yeah…I know, magical is cliche…heck, this whole thing is cliche…anyways, this setting is awesome.

As you stride the City Deck, Whether you look towards the Bart Starr,

or Ray Nitschke Bridge,

no matter who you are,

you’ll agree this scene sends uplifting vibes.

So, as I should have mentioned, and you may have figured by the green and gold, this is the home of the Green Bay Packers. And, as I feel I must beat the drum,

the history, prestige and hospitality of this Midwestern community, a town set on a Lake Michigan bay, can certainly be felt. So, go on, soak up the atmosphere.

Safe Travels!

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