Happy Turkey Day

So, I usually post, at least I’ve recently been posting every Friday. However, with this holiday week, seeing how I work retail, I’m not going to feature any particular place. So, I’ll post a day early, and instead of writing a travel bit, I’ll do a little holiday well wishing.

Turkey Day, that national day off, has traditionally been a family holiday. Well, sort of. It’s also a football holiday, and that’s been a fact, if you delve into the sport’s history, for well over a century.

The National Football League, and broadcaster’s of the enterprise’s games, give credit, and for legitimate reasons, to the Detroit Lions. Yet, even before the NFL’s inception, there have been games on Thanksgiving Day.

So, if one clamors about today being a family affair, and nothing to do with pigskin, I’d have to disagree.

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving and family celebrations are practically synonymous. So, I’ll wish everybody a wonderful Turkey Day…hopefully, the Holiday Season’s opening, which I pray will begin a festive procession of days, will instill inspired emotions!

Safe Travels!

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