The Captain’s Walk Winery

Not too long ago, and I’m not going to guess the date, or the time of year, anyways, I had posted a bit on the Captain’s Walk Winery. Today, inadvertently, I had discovered, much to my delight, that this Victorian structure’s interior received a makeover. I believe it was due to a change in ownership.

I’m not going to delve too deep into this place. Mainly being, and I think it should be stated, that although the rooms received facelifts, the owner was quick to point out, “The appearance has changed, the wine has not.”

Basically, you’ll find this spacious tasting room.

It gives the captain tons of space to walk…

or relax and sip.

Across the hall, which is a work in progress,

you’ll find a lavish bistro-

where tantalizing ciders are ready for consumption.

Serious lounging, an act aided by quality alcohol, can take place in this room.

I guess I should mention, and it’s probably the most drastic change to the tasting room, the products are not in your face- more like off in a corner. Though, if memory serves correctly, there was a price hike. The basic red and white table wines, which are my vintages of choice, reside over sixteen dollars. The prices climbed from there.

But, nonetheless, in this Downtown Green Bay spot, you’ll find your typical varieties, with a few creative concoctions to boot …get it, walk…boot? Okay, my humor is a bit off today.

Lastly, I feel I should touch on the building. It was erected mid to late 19th century…right after the Civil War’s end to be exact.

And the place absolutely looks like it.

I guess, when you think of Green Bay, Wisconsin, refinement and elegance probably aren’t the first adjectives that pop in your head. But, hey, we’ve got a cultured side, ya know! So show some gosh darn respect.

Wait, in all seriousness, this place is pretty cool, and I think the good citizens of Green Bay, wine lovers at least, will feel fortunate. I know I joke about Green Bay’s common folk, that’s because I take great pride in being one. And being such a person, I think this luxurious wine drinking setting, an upscale scene, is an excellent bit of Titletown’s downtown.

Safe Travels!

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