Three Small Holiday Ideas for a Merry Season

There are plenty of festive ways one can enjoy Christmas sentiments. That being said, many public displays and gatherings take place in Green Bay’s metro area. So, today, and remember that I’m only featuring a sample size portion, that being of area attractions, anyways, I’m going to list three affordable Packerland efforts to induce holiday vibes.

1 The Titletown District

First, you might want to visit the Titletown District. There, classy lighting, which is combined with winter activities, creates a distinct, modern holiday scene.

2 The Neville Public Museum Display

If that doesn’t trip your holiday trigger, you should sample a land of yesterday. ‘Holiday Memories of Downtown Green Bay’ features yesteryear department store magic.

If I were to be more precise, I’d mention that these displays, which are fictional animatronic stages, showcase storefront window displays…

oh, also included in the Prange’s Christmas tribute, you’ll find a giant, friendly, cheesy joke telling tree.

All of this is at the Neville Public Museum.

3 Green Bay’s Downtown

Lastly, keeping with the thoughts of downtown, you could check out its festive lights.

Whether you stroll its attractive waterfront

or the streets lined with green and gold,

you’ll enjoy this uplifting setting.

I’ll close by saying, and I feel I should, that there are other great ways to enjoy this season- particularly in Green Bay. Of those, there are light shows, kindle markets , Christmas balls; I think you get the idea. However, being from Green Bay, I felt like bringing up these holiday pursuits.

Safe Travels!

3 responses to “Three Small Holiday Ideas for a Merry Season”

  1. This is a wonderful post! I would love to see the exhibit of the storefront windows. I remember growing up and going downtown to see them. And a Christmas tree that tells cheesy jokes! What a hoot! Thanks for your post – and spreading the holiday spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

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