I Recall Holiday Magic

So, the Christmas season is upon us, and I’m left to dream. To be more precise, this year, I can’t help but reminisce. This is basically what I’m saying: in years past, I’ve visited some glowing holiday attractions. It left a buzz in my brain, a lightness in my heart and a sensation of warmth throughout my veins. This year, due to circumstances and an empty pocket book, I lack the ability to pursue those magical Christmas endeavors. So, I’m simply going to relive my favorite holiday memories.

The Grignon Mansion

Although the tour left me scratching my head, this pioneer mansion located in Kaukauna, which was known as the ‘Mansion in the Woods’, had an exterior worthy of a postcard. Add a horse drawn wagon ride, accompanied by jingle bells, and old fashioned Christmas celebrations came to life.

Appleton’s Hearthstone Historic House Museum

I’m sticking with Victorian houses for the moment. This one, which happened to be the first house lit by hydroelectric power, hinted at benevolent spirits haunting the dimly lit halls…you know, Christmas ghosts…Victorian Era…A Christmas Carol…anyways, as I wandered the rooms, each adorned with its own tree, and a woman’s live operatic voice resonating throughout the shadowy manor, a supernatural holiday cheer set within my bones.

WPS Garden of Lights

I’ll step away from homes of yesteryear, and, instead, I’ll mention something ultra-modern. That happens to be the WPS Garden of Lights, which is on display at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Hundreds of thousands, I forget the exact count, let’s just say a ton of lights, arranged to form a wide array of creatures and plants, abound throughout the grounds. It’s a lot of fun.

Man, what else is there? Is that it? I guess that’s a decent list, and these events are certainly a sack full of fun. So, if you’re in northeast Wisconsin, and ‘need a little Christmas’, try these uplifting gifts of cheer!

Safe Travels!

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