Eating at Al’s

Green Bay

It’s known as Titletown USA, which is a moniker that had been earned by the legendary 1960’s Packer teams. But this city, and its Midwestern downtown setting, has seen much. Through triumphs and tragedies, this place has become a mesh of hardworking souls. We’ve sent our children to countless wars, our ancestors survived depressions and our community has endured other hurdles along the way. All that said, the shadows of the past, whether for better or worse, are imprinted on many longstanding area businesses.

One such place, opening in the midst of the Great Depression, 1934 to be exact, is an iconic burger and shake shop. It’s simply known as Al’s Hamburger.

This no frills place,

filled with corner diner vibes, sets the table for comfortable casual dining.

And with prompt and friendly service,

Accompanied by unmatched savory burgers,

You’ll be glad you came. Oh…I should add that burgers start at a price of six dollars. Al’s specialty burgers are priced at twelve. Shakes, drinks, sides and desserts are also reasonably priced.

After everything I’ve mentioned, I guess there’s only one thing Green Bay visitors need to know. If you’re looking for an affordable dining experience, one with authentic Green Bay character, you can’t do much better than Al’s.

Safe Travels!

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