Inscape at the Art Garage

Do you need some warmth during the cold months ahead? Maybe, and it’s a proven psychological fact, something uniquely bright will satiate that want. You need look no further, if that happens to be the case, than Nicole J Fitzgerald’s exhibition titled ‘Inscape’

This exhibition, which can be found at the Art Garage in downtown Green Bay, runs through the end of December. When studying these vibrant works, which are drawings mixed with acrylic paints, plus subtle layers of texture added for a more interesting piece, one is left with impressions of people enjoying balmy, sun splashed days.

Her works of art aren’t limited to paintings, with choices ranging from magnets to card stock. Some of the pieces are pretty affordable; the prices begin at $5 a piece.

I urge you to check out this exhibition. It’s here for only a short while; New Year’s Eve will be the last day. What fun it would be should you bring home a fun piece of art for the New Year.

Safe Travels!

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